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Anthony Bompiani is a family law attorney, coach and consultant. He's been helping people in the areas of divorce and custody for nearly 20 years. 

In addition to working with clients one-on-one and in small groups, he has also created online training programs to help people around the world. 

He was named to Super Lawyers, The National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40, and The Trial Lawyers: Top 100 list. Membership to these organizations is by invitation-only. 

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Need Custody Help?

Here's A Free Training For Parents And Grandparents In Custody Battles...

Anthony's free online training, "How To Master Your Custody Case To Get What You Want Without Going Crazy Or Broke," is sure to help the parent or grandparent going through even the most complicated custody battle. 

In this free training, Anthony uncovers the following three secrets:

  • Secret 1: How To Use The Rules Of Evidence To Prepare For Your Case With Or Without A Lawyer!
  • Secret 2: How To Present Evidence In Court Even If You've Never Done It Before!
  • Secret 3: How To Communicate In And Out Of The Courtroom Even In High Conflict Cases!

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"I am on your side through the worst..."
- Anthony Bompiani - 
D. Smith: Family Law Client
 “I went through a few attorneys for custody and wasn’t satisfied until Anthony! I tried Cordell and Cordell which is a scheme and charged me $20k for nothing then dropped me when everything hit the fan. They did nothing! Anthony was compassionate and knew his stuff. I had many false accusations during custody and spent 7 full days in trial and he was there for less than half of what Cordell and Cordell charged me for nothing. Anthony is to the point and won’t play lawyer games charging you for pointless letters back and forth. He helped me with the criminal charges (all dropped) and custody. I highly recommend him.”
A. Williams: Family Law Client
“My custody case was anything but typical. When I got to Anthony, I felt defeated. Anthony did not hesitate to take me on as a client and reassure me that everything was going to be ok. From day 1, Anthony was on my side and represented me as the person I am currently, not the person the other parties tried to say I was. Every time we left court I felt more empowered and confident that the court was finally seeing who I really am. My custody case took years to resolve and I was fighting some pretty negative people who would sling mud and file for emergency hearings constantly, and every single time Anthony was there, fighting back for me, never losing faith in me as a parent or as a person. Ultimately, everything that we fought through and stated to the court was proven true and I have sole custody of my children, which ensures their safety and security forever and is beyond anything I ever thought would happen. Anthony is an amazing attorney, he always took the time to make sure that I was heard and that my concerns were at the very least, put on record. He took time to sit with me at his office when needed, would always call back or text when needed, and fought for what was right for my children and we will thank him for the rest of our lives.”
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